My overall experience with N.A. over several years has been nothing less than amazing. Everybody is happy and excited to see your babies which brings comfort. My children all loved/ love going. The teachers are very knowledgeable and also very aware of your child’s needs. They are on top of the new curriculum and expanding my children’s knowledge. They have an excellent no bullying policy and impeccable communication skills. They handle situations immediately and professionally. Very respectful as well. I always feel safe and comfortable leaving my children in their care. Which says a lot because I’m a very overprotective / semi aggressive mother. The staff feels like family. And in my life I really need that. They don’t just care for your kids, they care for us parents too. I would feel more alone without them in my life. I definitely made connections and friendships there in some of the hardest times of my life. I can always count on them. The cameras are a huge plus as well.

I recommend N.A. to everybody I come in contact with searching for childcare. My twins went from age 1-currently when it’s summer care (they’re 6). My 3rd started at 8 weeks and is currently there (age 2) and when the twins come with me to pick him up, they always want to say hi to their old teachers.

They form lifelong connections that are so important to our kids. Thank you for all you do.

A few memories that I love to look back on are all the holiday parties! Basically being a room mom to all the lovely kiddos. And celebrating other staff’s accomplishments. Whether it’s a new baby, marriage, promotions, awards, birthdays etc. the atmosphere is unforgettable.

Kristie Trischan

I am new to the New Adventures family and I am happy to share my experience thus far.

I’m thrilled to share my enthusiastic review of my child’s daycare! The communication here is exceptional; updates on my child’s day are prompt and detailed, fostering a strong connection between staff and parents. The problem-solving skills displayed by the caregivers are commendable, ensuring a smooth and supportive environment.

The friendly atmosphere is palpable, creating a warm and welcoming space for the children. The facility’s cleanliness is impeccable, reflecting the commitment to a safe and hygienic environment. It’s evident that the staff genuinely love both the children and their jobs, fostering a nurturing and positive experience.

Overall, my child has had an incredibly positive experience, and we are excited to continue this journey until kindergarten. Kudos to the dedicated team for creating a daycare that goes above and beyond in every aspect!

Diamond C. Williams

Happy 17th birthday New Adventures! My experience has been wonderful and filled with many amazing memories. Thank you for all that you do and thank you for providing my children with excellent care! NA has made a huge impact on my children’s education and has insisted on preparing my oldest two for kindergarten. The kids are very loved and protected by everyone and I feel 100% at ease while my children are in the care of your center. My kids absolutely adore the center and all of the staff! Thank you for being kind and offering a great experience for our family! NEW ADVENTURES ROCK!

Averionna Hawkins

The staff at New Adventures so clearly cares for my son and while daycare can be a difficult transition for new moms I felt totally comfortable leaving him in the care of the NA team when he started at 6 months old. He’s now almost 3 and thriving in Discovery Preschool; he’s made so many great friends and clearly is proud to be part of the NA family. 🙂

Our son has been with New Adventures for over 2 years and every staff member has been amazing towards him! Each transition has been handled with care and every time he comes home talking about his teachers by name and talking about how much he loves them! I don’t even have to ask him if he likes his teachers…he just tells me about them and everything they’re teaching him. Being able to have a conversation with my 2.5 year-old about his day is just so cool, and I think it’s all because of the learning environment at NA.

Thanksgiving Dinner and Date Nights! I LOVEDDDD being able to surprise Remy for lunch during Thanksgiving; it just warmed my heart. I also think it’s amazing that Date Night is offered…NA is the only daycare I know of in the area that provides that option for families. We haven’t taken advantage in a while but knowing the option is there is so wonderful – especially during the holidays.

Alyssa Santoli

We have been attending New Adventures Early Learning Center in Twinsburg for 2.5 years, and they have become family to us. Our 5 year old and 3 year old run through the doors (and down the hallways!) each day, excited to get to their classrooms, while our 1 year old smiles and giggles during morning drop off. It is reassuring to know that our children look forward to seeing their teachers and friends while we are away at work.

I have nothing but great things to say about the facility itself. The building is beautiful, and the design works well for us as a family with kids in 3 different classrooms. The routines in each classroom are well established and as a parent, I love knowing our kids are having fun and learning in a safe and well-structured environment. The rooms are clean and organized, and details about mealtimes, diaper changes and naps are documented via the Procare app for the younger aged classrooms. If you were to ask our two older children their favorite part about going to school at New Adventures, they would say recess! Along with a newly constructed building, the playground provides a perfect outdoor space for play. Lastly, the curriculum our kids are immersed in is well thought out, developmentally appropriate, and FUN!

My favorite part about New Adventures, though, are the people. The director, assistant director, lead teachers and classroom assistants are loving, passionate and personable. They want what is best for our kids and are open to working with families to meet their children’s needs. Our family has specific medical needs, including Type 1 Diabetes, and from day one of this diagnosis, those at New Adventures have worked tirelessly to make sure our son is safe and well taken care of. They are prompt with communication, willing to learn, and adapt alongside our ever-changing needs.

In addition to keeping our children physically safe and healthy, New Adventures’ teachers and directors are flexible and have adapted to our children’s different learning needs. As we navigate developmental delays, our children’s teachers have asked to play a larger role in our children’s growth. They want to hear the suggestions of our physical, occupational and speech therapists, and they are willing to help our kids work toward achieving their goals. It is a relief to know our kids are safe, but it is a blessing to know their teachers are passionate about their academic and social/emotional growth as well.

All in all, we highly recommend this daycare to others and we want to say thank you to our New Adventures family for always taking care of us!

Brianna Mangus

My child has flourished during his time at New Adventures! I enrolled my son starting at 6 weeks, at the height of COVID-19 when many were choosing to keep their children home. I never hesitated in my decision to enroll him at New Adventures, knowing full well that the social, physical, mental, and emotional development would be a priceless trade-off. In watching my son develop for the last 3 years, I can say with certainty that the time and memories that he makes at New Adventures contribute so much to who he is becoming as a person. The staff and leadership team take the lead in my child’s education, an area I can’t always give the most focus on while being a full-time working parent. But I have full confidence that my child is getting prepared to enter Kindergarten plus also developing a love for learning, problem-solving, and more! Thank you New Adventures for being part of the village that is helping me create the best life for my son.

Kaelyn Zielinski

My son Christian has been in a daycare setting since he was 12 weeks old and he is now about 4 and 1/2. My family moved to Garrettsville about 2 years ago and we needed to find a new home away from home for Christian while we were at work. I called and toured many daycares in the area and some on my route to work in Cleveland. My husband and I have non negotiable standards when it comes to educational childcare.

Some of these nonnegotiables are
1. When touring a center we need to feel welcomed/wanted by the staff and we need to feel that the center would be a good fit for Christian (mentally, physically, emotionally and educationally).
2. We need to see that the center is clean and cleaned regularly (including toys, bathrooms and common areas).
3. We need to see the schedule for the days that Christian attends (eating times, handwashing times, bathroom break times, play time, learning times, exercise times, nap times).
4. We need to see that the teachers and directors would have excellent communication skills and that we would receive updates in real time daily (we want to know how much he ate, any bathroom breaks, how he is doing with the educational curriculum, any behavioral issues, and any incidents that may have occurred during the day).
5. We need to know that he was safe during the day (we want to know that the doors are locked and strangers are unable to get in the building There are codes used at the front door that only parents/caregivers would know to gain entrance and exit the building. There are cameras that we are able to watch in Christian’s classroom throughout the day).
6. We need to see that there is an educational curriculum appropriate for Christian’s age that the teachers would be following with him independently and with a group to make sure he was learning and retaining what was being taught. There are many things that set this child care center apart from others that we toured.

The Director Megan and Co-Director Carly are professional, kind, understanding, accommodating and fabulous leaders. Both are easily approachable via app messages, email, phone or in person (I’ve used all contact methods). They respond to my message with urgency. The teacher’s longevity at the center speaks volumes. Christian has had Ms. Kristen for Preschool 1 and Ms Rachel for Preschool 2. These two teachers have been there for years, are compassionate and are invested educational leaders. With the guidance from Ms. Kristen and Ms. Rachel, Christian knows his ABCs, what sounds each letter makes, his numbers, how to spell his name, his address, colors, shapes, months, days of the week, how to put on/take off a jacket, how to pull down/pull up his pants after using the restroom, how to wash his hands, how to share, how to interact with other students and teachers and so much more. The students learn about community helpers, the weather, animals and what a healthy diet looks like and why it’s important. I like how the classrooms are split up by age and always staffed according to how many students are in the class. I have even seen Megan or Carly in a classroom to help out and interact. The center did a nice job when Christian was ready to graduate to the next class. They had him spend time in the new classroom with the teacher and new classmates so he got used to the change gradually. I like how the price of attendance also includes his meals and snacks for the day.

The meals and snacks are healthy and there is a variety that is served. At times I feel like Christian is eating better than I am :). I like that the staff takes pictures throughout the day to let me see how and what he is doing. It makes me feel like I am not missing anything when he is there. Some of my greatest memories so far of Christian and the center include the field trips to the pumpkin patch, the Christmas program put on by each class, the Thanksgiving Day feast hosted by the staff and the Mother’s Day breakfast.

The teachers go above and beyond their duties every morning when I drop Christian off as he is not good during drop offs. He will cry and hold on to me with a death grip until I transfer him into one of their arms where they comfort him until I leave the room and he is feeling better. They make me feel better when I have to leave him crying as I know they are going to settle him and not leave him standing there crying for me.

The center is good at corrections too. When Christian is misbehaving they will stop him, explain what he is doing inappropriately and provide a safe space in the classroom with pillows, stuffed animals and a picture of us and his family for Christian to calm down and reflect. The staff will also notify us right away of any misbehaving so that we can follow through with corrections at home too. The staff will let parents/caregivers know if there are any illnesses going around the school via messages and paper notifications around school and what to look out for as far as symptoms. When Christian has gotten sick and was waiting for us to pick him up they are so empathetic towards him. I once was on my way to pick Christian up from getting sick and looked at the camera to see how he was doing. I saw Carly sitting on the ground with him on her lap rocking back and forth until I got there.

I really enjoy the parent/teacher conference nights and the PTA meeting that is held. I feel like this is the best educational childcare center for Christian and my family and also feel he will be ready mentally, educationally and emotionally for Kindergarten in two years. The hours of operation are a big plus too as I work 9-5 and have a long drive ahead of me. They are open until 6:30.

Vonallmen Family

I’ve been with New Adventure for over 4 years now and I have enjoyed growing as a teacher and learning something new each day. Working with the preschoolers may have its challenges at times, but when their faces light up when they see you or when you see them figure something out on their own, it really makes this job worth it. I like how laid back the atmosphere is and how everyone is flexible in helping out where needed. The bonds I’ve built with the children and staff are really something special and make me look forward to coming to work each day.

We really work hard to ensure the children in our care receive a good education. We are not babysitters; we are teachers and actually take the time to make lesson plans, assess and observe the children, and communicate with parents on the children’s milestones. I feel that the parents feel comfortable knowing that we are really taking the time to educate their kids each and every day.

Each teacher does a really great job and making sure their classrooms are inviting and have age appropriate learning experiences. We have a mixture of small and large group activities and materials that support the children in each learning domain. The children look forward to playing with the toys and materials we provide and using them in new ways.

I like that New Adventures plans a variety of events for staff and families. It really is a good way to get everyone involved and have a good time. Again I also enjoy the bonds I build with the children and watching them grow as they move up to the next classroom.


New Adventures has provided a positive experience for my family. There are incredible teachers that genuinely care about their students and take the time to build strong relationships with the children and their families. I believe they do their best to provide a safe, comfortable learning environment. This center is not just a daycare, It is a place where children can learn, feel safe, explore new things and be their true authentic selves. I will always recommend New Adventures Mantua.

All three of my children attend New Adventures. My oldest son will experience his very first summer camp this year. He will have all kinds of learning opportunities. He enjoys coming to New Adventures before and after school. It has helped very much with his social skills, as he has made very many special friends and cares for a lot of the teachers. My youngest is a year old. Her communication skills are incredible. She has learned how to sign so many words and uses some sign language to communicate. She is also saying new words every day. Overall, she has learned so much in her first year. My youngest son is 3 years old and Ms. Kristin taught him how to spell his name. He amazes me every day. He has so much love for the teachers here. My children have hit some of their most important milestones in this center.

New Adventures is filled with caring teachers who are very considerate of each child’s feelings. The teachers have very strong bonds with their students and their previous students who have transitioned over the years. I have loved and have been very grateful for all of the teachers my children have had here. Three that have specifically stuck out the most to me are Ms Stephanie, Ms. Kristin and Ms. Jackie, they are truly amazing.

I have been a teacher at New Adventures for almost five years now. I think about how much I have learned, so many things that help make me a better teacher and a better parent every day. I am thankful for all of the time I have spent here and the time my children have spent here. There are so many great opportunities for families to be involved. Some of my favorite memories are the Pre K graduations and watching how far the kids have come, and their hard work and how incredible they are. There are so many amazing memories and I continue to make new memories everyday at New Adventures.

Emily Haffner

I have worked for New Adventures for close to four years. In this time I have found joy in teaching toddlers. New Adventures has supported and encouraged me as I have followed this path as an educator. I have been able to support many children in meeting many milestones over the years. I have been there for the first steps to potty training. This year I will watch my first group of Mantua children graduate pre-k and prepare for kindergarten.

Not only am I an educator at New Adventures, I am also a parent. I cannot see my children attending anywhere else. The staff here have sparked curiosity and a joy for learning in my children. They may not always be happy to wake up and come, but they are always excited to see their teachers.


This is the third center I have ever worked for and I would say we have more family involvement than the two places I worked at. We offer more events.

James has definitely learned a lot here. He can count to 10 and recognizes shapes. Lorelai just started point to her head when asked where her head is.

The dedication to helping my children achieve their next milestone. Kacey and the other DP teachers have been very help with getting James out of his toilet fears. He even pooped on the potty for Ms Gabriella this week! Plus Carly, KateLyn and Kimberly wanting to help LJ develop her gross motor skills.

Oh memorable moment: my director sending me coffee during maternity leave.

Rachel Plantz