School Nutrition

School Nutrition

At New Adventures, your child is provided breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack.

Meals Catered by Innovation Foods

We chose to partner with Innovation Foods because of their fundamental belief that nutritional balance and quality ingredients are essential components in food preparation for children. Their meals are a step above the rest in terms of their healthiness and delectability. We are a peanut free center – there are no nuts in any of our food products.

Dietician on Staff

We are proud to employ an on staff dietician who carefully designs each menu to ensure every student’s dietary guidelines are adhered to, in addition to promoting their healthy physical growth and development.

We List Dietary Restrictions in Our Classrooms

Ensuring the safety of every child is paramount to our staff at New Adventures, which is why every classroom and teacher is equipped with a list of each student’s dietary restrictions. This is just one extra step we take to protect our students from negative allergic reactions and complying with your personal wishes.