Our Technology & Safety

Our Technology & Safety

The integration of technology can be found within our curriculum as well as our safety and security amenities. In our effort to keep you our parents connected and our student’s safety a top priority we have installed state-of- the-art tools. Cultivating safety is important not only for security and peace of mind bur for learning itself.

Parent App

We seek to engage parents and empower our teachers in real time. With the New Adventures App, you can access progress reports, invoices, instant message your child’s educator, access security cameras providing overall efficiency.

Get started by visiting MyProcare.com.

Camera Security

We aim to provide our parents peace-of-mind. New Adventures houses the NetCam Studio Application software that can be accessed from any smartphone device or computer. We provide our parents a personalized secure code for private access to the Netcam Studio web server. This cutting-edge system operates through a data-intensive streaming application which allows you to peak-in on your child throughout the day in real-time. (Cell phone data rates may apply)

Safety Security

Safety and security is key to building an environment that promotes social and creative learning. At New Adventures, nothing we do is as more important than keeping your children safe and healthy. We take pride in the fact that we elevate our safety measures above what is required by the sate of Ohio; our security measures exceed what you will find at most childcare centers within the region. These measures include:

  • Fingerprint ID
  • Touch screen entry system
  • Secure code keypad access doors on all exits and entrances of the facility, including our outdoor play area

COVID-19 Resources

Together we can stay healthy and safe. At New Adventures, we follow the CDC guidelines to the letter. Please refer to these resources so we can partner in keeping our students safe and healthy.