Child Care Assistance Program

We believe every child deserves the right to high-quality education, regardless of their circumstances, where they live or their individual learning traits. That is why at New Adventures we do accept financial assistance through child care subsidy programs for qualified families. We understand that raising children is expensive and working families often struggle to make ends meet, however, that shouldn’t hinder a child from having access to high-quality education.

Eligible families can seek financial support for care for their children from birth to age 12. “Eligibility is based on earnings, activity hours and the child’s age. The amount of subsidy provided is based on household income and number of children in care” (USDA Financial Shared Services). The State Child Care Assistance Program helps many low-income parents pay for child care while they go to work or go to school. If are looking to enroll your child and you want to see if you’re eligible for child care services, please click the ODJFS website link.